1. Karen Rebecca Clark

    Karen Rebecca Clark


    It is an exciting time to be part of the science and technology community. Technology, science and 21st Century Skills are important to our new global economy. I have three objectives for my life. First, I love using my skills in web design and graphics design to help people learn and to help people create an online presence that helps them express their personality. Second, I want to combine my knowledge of science and my skills in technology to help others love science and research as much as I do. I enjoy designing interactive virtual learning environments that make science fun & easy to learn. Third, I want to be a part of the paradigm shift to green chemistry, clean renewable energy and sustainability. I feel it is our responsibility to take care of the environment and our fellow species for ourselves as well as for future generations. The goal of advancing science & technology while maintaining an ethical conscience can help restore harmony between humanity and the planet that sustains us.

    I believe that the employee and the employer should have similar goals to create a match that is beneficial to both parties. I hope that my website will provide insight into my character, goals, skills and background.

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Skills and Education include biochemistry environmental toxicology life sciences web design and development android apps educational apps for google play and amazon kindle fire


  1. Computer, Web Design & Digital Technologies
  2. Math & Statistics
  3. Science & Toxicology
  4. Resume 2015


Adobe Design Software (Creative Suite CS4, CS5 & CS6)

Design software adobe creative suite photoshop dreamweaver flash actionscript illustrator captivate soundbooth aftereffects premiere pro indesign fireworks lightroom bridge

SoundBooth, InDesign, Bridge, Captivate, Flash Professional, PhotoShop, Dreamweaver, LightRoom, Illustrator, Fireworks, After Effects, Premier Pro

Computer Languages: ActionScript 3.0, CSS, CSS3, HTML, HTML5, SQL, PHP, Javascript


Production Software & Design Software

Production software microsoft office word access excel publisher powerpoint wordpress jmp sas quicken


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Portfolio 2015

Teaching Philosophy

teaching philosophy the sum of facts from zero to infinity plus the integration of interactivity and immersive learning times fun equals knowledge to the nth power plus skils to the n squared power"